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Get your Telleport Apps on your device, and the service does the rest itself. Now you can connect to the Internet via the Telleport servers. Make it fast and mask your location, queries, and surfing routes. Let yourself stay protected in any area, even in the public airport WiFi hotspot!


Unblock access to websites from around the world

One-click Setup

Change your IP address for secure & private browsing in seconds


Tellport is available on Windows, Android and Chrome platforms.

High-class Encryption

All your Internet traffic stays encrypted under the safe lock

Parallel Connection

Connect from multiple devices at the same time using just one account

How to Get Started

We have extensively simplified the Telleport interface to make it as intuitive as possible - so you can stay protected every day, hassle free.

Sign up for a Telleport account

Download and install the app on your device

Sign in and connect to a server

That's it - you can now enjoy a fully encrypted VPN connection! To have more control over your VPN experience, you can explore the server list.

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Access to Blocked Content

Unblock access to restricted content from around the world. Enjoy your favorite streaming services, media, and games fast and safe, no matter where you are! Whether you live in a country where the majority of international websites are blocked or you simply want to watch a Netflix movie unavailable in your region, having lots of options to unblock sites feels liberating.

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Why are websites getting banned?

If you find yourself unable to access a web page, there can be multiple reasons behind it. Luckily, whether you've accidentally left the Parental Control filter on or the site got banned by the government, there's usually a way to fix this problem by yourself.


Online censorship is still a huge problem in 2024 - and China is not the only culprit. There are many governments that limit the access to content that might clash with their political or religious views, and Telleport is one of the few ways to bypass this.


The majority of streaming sites offer a different content selection for people in different countries because of copyright agreements. Luckily, you can watch movies unavailable in your own country thanks to Telleport.

Work policy

Some schools, universities, or offices block access to certain websites that contain unethical, illegal, or inappropriate content. However, even completely safe sites often get blocked in an attempt to increase productivity or to preserve bandwidth.

Telleport Features

Unblock access to websites from around the world. Enjoy your favorite services, media, and games fast and safe, no matter where you are!

Full Access to Blocked Websites

Unblock the restricted access to resources. Telleport is equally effective for both government censorship and geo-based limitations. Telleport make it possible to ignore any bans. Enjoy your favorite social media and any other web resources you'd like to access.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Don't be concerned about the bandwidth available through Telleport. There are no restrictions on network speeds. Watch your favorite video content, listen to the music in HQ, or play games with the secure & private connection.

Anonymity and Privacy

Use the secured Telleport connection to hide your activities on the Web. Protect yourself from any tracking attempts, and secure your browser. Install and apply the Telleport Apps instead of useless Incognito browsers. There is no use to tinker with several apps at once.

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Enjoy web freedom & visit websites from around the world. Change your IP address for secure & private browsing in seconds.

One-click Setup

No need to waste your time messing around with the settings. Connect to the best free VPN service with one click. The configuration is automatic by default - Telleport chooses the best options for you. If you want to change them - do it any moment manually.

Secure Web Access in HotSpots

Protect your device and activities with a free Telleport VPN service. If you connect to the Internet in public spots - get rid of any dangers. Telleport secures all your sensitive data. Keep the passwords, personal details, and any other information under the safe lock.

High-class Encryption

All your Internet traffic stays encrypted. With your free VPN, conceal your actions and exclude any trackers.

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All your Internet traffic stays encrypted. Conceal your actions and bypass any trackers with Telleport.

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